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Join a Group of Young People

Committed to

Living Debt Free, Finding Work They Love, and Making a Difference in the World

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Is this True For You?

  • You are Convinced that College Debt will Hurt Your Future
  • You Know that God Created You to Make a Difference in this World, but you are Not Sure How.
  • You Think that College may be Right for Some, but Not Necessarily for You
  • You Want to Pay Cash for your Four Year Degree
  • Trade School, Being Creative and Working with Your Hands Sounds More Appealing to than a "Desk Job"
  • You Want to take the "Road Less Traveled" and Make a Difference Early in Life
  • You would Love to be an Entrepreneur and Own a Business
  • You Want to Connect with Your Peers Who Feel the Same

Key Features of this Membership Group

  • Regularly Scheduled Live Online Workshops and Training

    It is imperative that we learn and grow together. There will be regularly scheduled training and live workshops on Alternative Ways to Pay for College, The Job Search Process, Entrepreneurship and more.

  • Downloadable Content and Resources

    Much of the content in this group will be available for download any time that the members wish. It is available for you to use when you are ready for it.

  • A Secure Membership Portal and Private Facebook Group

    This group will have its own Membership Page on the web. In addition we will have a private Facebook Group for live interaction and communication.

  • Industry Experts and Special Guests

    It is valuable to have Industry Experts in a live forum where questions can be asked. This will be a regular part of this Membership Group.

Content You will Find in this Membership Group

Job Search

Learn the techniques that will help you find a great job, higher wages and better fit. This is about way more than searching "help wanted" ads or job boards!

Build a Business

Learn how building your own business could bring in more income, give you valuable experience, fit your lifestyle and perhaps replace your education!

Discover Your Purpose

Here are some resources to help you discover the unique way that God created you. Learning how you are wired is essential to building a life of purpose.

Debt Free Degree

Discover creative ways to pay cash for your Education, including the most common method used to get a Debt Free four-year degree

Financial Freedom

Discover what you need to know about Credit Cards, Buying Cars, Buying a House and Investing.


"I wanted to thank you for your encouragement. Your words have been in my mind ever since we talked and this is not a decision I came to lightly. Thank you for talking with me about my options and for encouraging me to follow my heart, even if its not what society says I should do. You are a good and inspiring leader, Rocky."

~Sarah - College Student

“I took your advice and started an emergency fund! I have $1500 in the bank! My car broke down last week, and it was no problem. I paid cash. None of my friends could do that!”

-High School Senior

"Rocky you are one helpful dude... Thanks for your heart of putting it out there to help us all get to wherever each of us feels God leading-us...”

-Bill - Director of Sales

“Thanks for your willingness to help motivate these kids – you are planting seeds in some young entrepreneurs.”

-Scott - High School Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions Section

  • q-iconWho is this Group for?

    Great question! This membership group is for anyone that is interested in getting an education without debt, or minimizing the debt you already have.

  • q-iconWhat if I already have some Debt?

    As someone who has spent a lot of time getting into debt and even more time trying to get out, I welcome anyone who is trying to take a different path. If you have debt but want to get rid of it so you can start a new direction, then this group is also for you!

  • q-iconHow much does the Membership Cost?

    The monthly fee to be a member of The Debt Free Challenge is $20. There is also an annual fee option where you pay for the entire year and get two months free. $200

  • q-iconHow is a Subscription Cancelled

    The subscription can be cancelled at any time by sending an email to Just remember that if you want to return in the future, you may end up paying a higher monthly fee.

  • q-iconWho is this group NOT intended for?

    This group is not intended for folks who think college or trade school should be free. That is not the point of this organization. A college degree is not meant for everyone and a college education is not a guaranteed right. People should be able to choose how, when, where and if they pursue higher education. This will not be a forum for those that want to push for free college, free tuition or greater government subsidies.

  • q-iconWill this group focus on Financial Issues OTHER than paying for college?

    Yes. There are multiple financial topics that are relevant to young adults. These will be a part of our training and discussions. The beauty of avoiding debt during college allows students to actually begin focusing on other topics like saving and investing. Starting early gives you an unbelievable advantage over your peers.

  • q-iconIs this group just about Debt?

    Another great question! No. This group will deal with topics like, the job search process, how to be a better employee and earn a higher wage, how to start your own business, and much, much more.

  • q-iconWhy is this group called the Freedom Initiative?

    People struggle to feel “free” when they are trapped by debt or work that is not a good outlet for their passion, skills and abilities. When you change these things you make it possible to live a life of freedom and make a difference in the world.

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